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We are a team ministry with a heart to train, equip and replicate. There are over fifty gifted prophetic ministers in Glasgow Prophetic Centre’s company and they make up our prophetic, prayer, Lion Bites, freedom, mission, event and healing teams. Here are profiles of some of the company, who each have their own particular areas of responsibilities:

Emma Stark


When Emma founded Glasgow Prophetic Centre in 2009 her aim was simple: ‘listen to God more – and help other people do the same’. Now she does this on a big scale wherever she goes, as a church leader with an apostolic call, an international speaker of authority and a prophet to nations. Emma is at home teaching on a platform but equally loves her private preparation times with the Holy Spirit, going deep into the truth of God’s word. Read more… 

David Stark


Amongst David’s multi-various responsibilities are our finances, admin and marketing, which he manages alongside a love of teaching life-changing prophetic truths through the written word, especially Lion Bites. As a creative thinker, David combines ministry leadership with a business career and is passionate about seeing the Kingdom impact all areas of culture. He has sent out more than two million emails since we began so, if you’ve opened even one of them, ‘thank you’!

Sarah-Jane Biggart

Assistant Director

Sarah-Jane is remarkably at home in a big business board roam or face-down in worship and intercession. SJ, as she is known by friends, is called to equip and inspire those who are called to business and make disciples in the marketplace as a networker as well as carrying a weighty ‘Seer’ and communications anointing. SJ loves nothing more than seeing ordinary people equipped by an extraordinary God to influence culture and affect change in nations! Read more…

Sam Robertson

Head of Media and Leadership Development

Sam serves on our Senior Leadership Team as our Head of Media and Leadership Development, bringing prophetic and apostolic input. He is passionate about resourcing and equipping the wider church through excellent media – producing websites, television, online schools and more. Sam has an anointing to equip the people of God to lead in all 7 mountains of culture and comes alive prophesying, teaching and pioneering! Read more…

Phyllis Buchanan

Head of Prophetic Intercession

Phyllis is a deep well of wisdom, strength, character and authority. From her early days until now, Phyllis has carried a deep desire to ignite a movement of God’s spirit from Scotland to the nations through prayer and intercession. Phyllis is on our Senior Leadership Team, heading up intercession and training our volunteers in prophetic warfare and she ensures that all we do is soaked in intercession. Read more…

Pastor John Hansford

Lead Teacher & Honorary Director

A passionate preacher and pastor, John loves to teach people to live lives that mirror Jesus’. With over 40 years in Church leadership in many nations, John has become internationally respected voice with a wealth of wisdom in leadership, shepherding and preaching.  At Glasgow Prophetic Centre, John is helping us explore what it means to truly shepherd and nurture the people of God. We promise you that you will never see him with his bible shut!

Julie Golding

Volunteer Manager

Julie loves people and her deep passion for personal transformations makes her so well fitted for her role as ‘Volunteer Manager. Julie manages our ever increasing volunteer base as well as serving on our Senior Leadership Team. She ensures that all our new starts are trained well, manages the continual training and development of our existing volunteers and oversees the application process for those who wish to join our team.

Ruth O'Rafferty

P.A. to Emma Stark & Operations Manager

Ruth is a woman passionate about adventure, discovering new places and releasing the Kingdom of God. She has a remarkable gift of administration, outworking this as Emma’s P.A, organising our itinerant team’s travel across the nations, managing our operations as well as ministering on our teams. Ruth and her husband, David, have two sons, Connor and Luke, who are both on team and they love to explore nations as family.

Anna McRobert

Events Organiser and Clients Manager

Anna is our Events Manager and oversees our personal ministry client administration. She loves to organise and manage events, coming alive pulling teams and resources together. Anna loves using creativity to run excellent conferences, schools and leaders events, ensuring the best experience possible for clients and attendees. Anna spent many years as Conferencing & Catering Manager for an international Christian training school in Scotland.